Where do I begin with a person like Tim Babiasz? What’s that you say, I already have? Well, this is embarrassing. Anyway, I’ve always had a passion for storytelling, creativity, and literary analysis & criticism. Since 2013, I’ve worked professionally in Marketing, SEO Optimization and Web Content Development. Born and raised in Philadelphia, I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Phillies, Flyers and Eagles (and, casually, the 76ers).


Dominican Sunset by Timothy Babiasz

I started my professional career in customer service at a local non-profit academic institution before finding my calling marketing. I moved to the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina in 2014. In 2016, I earned my MA in Interactive Media from Elon University and added the “MA” to “Timothy Babiasz” for maximum pompous effect. I also write, perform and record music, and will never turn down a conversation on good movies, bad movies, music, baseball or hockey.

I hope you enjoy this site. Feel free to explore my work and contact me!

— Timothy Babiasz